It is located in the White Mountain, close to Sllova village, 1200 m above the sea level. It constitutes a big gypsum and salt stone. It is 900 m long, 250 m wide and 200 m high. The wide goats go there ti lick the salt. It has a lot of values like: scientific, geologic, geomorfologic, didactic, ecologic and cultural. It is visited if you follow Peshkopi- Sllove -monument rural road.

A. General Information data

  • Name of NM, Shllinasi, Vrenjt – Kastriot
  • County Diber
  • District Diber
  • Municipality Peshkopi
  • Village Vrenjt
  • Institution that covers AdZM Diber
  • Ownership of the land where it is located (NM) Njesia Administrative Kastriot

B. Location and terrain data

  • Protected Area (if there is)
  • Zonation, (If there is)
  • Kundrejtimi
  • Height above sea level 1200-1500 m
  • Coordinates (north, sud) N 41°44’11” E 20°26’53”

CC.Dentometric and Biological Data

  • Average height
  • Age
  • The state of (MN)

D. Value of (MN)

  • Historical value
  • Didactic value
  • Ecological value Po
  • Religious value

E. Other data and various notes

  • The road through which you can reach: Peshkopi-Kukes
  • Auto Peshkopi-Kastriot
  • Promontory
  • Watery
  • Other Features:Perben nje masiv shkembor me perberje gipsi dhe kripe guri.