Black lake (Lura)


It is located in the Lura’s National Park, 1600 m above the Crown’s lake that constitutes a big complex glacial circus. It constitutes a glacial lake, with an area of 3 ha. It is known of the big depth, for this reason it has a black color. The water is clean and cold, for this reason it becomes icy during the winter. It is rich in an alive and variegated world that forms an interesant ecosystem of alpine’s lake. It has a lot of values like: scientific, geologic, geomorfologic, hydrological, biologic, aesthetic, didactic, ecologic and cultural. It is visited if you follow Peshkopi- Fushe Lure -monument rural road.

A. General Information data

  • Name of NM, , Liqeni i Zi – Lure
  • County Diber
  • District Diber
  • Municipality Peshkopi
  • Village Lure
  • Institution that covers AdZM Diber
  • Ownership of the land where it is located (NM) Njesia Administrative Lure

B. Location and terrain data

  • Protected Area (if there is) Parku kombetar Lure
  • Zonation, (If there is)
  • Kundrejtimi
  • Height above sea level 1630 m
  • Coordinates (north, sud) N 41°4509 E 20°1136

C.Dentometric and Biological Data

  • Average height
  • Age
  • The state of (MN)

D. Value of (MN)

  • Historical value
  • Didactic value
  • Ecological value Po
  • Religious value

E. Other data and various notes

  • The road through which you can reach: Peshkopi- Lure
  • Auto Lure-Park Kombetar
  • Promontory
  • Watery
  • Other Features: Ne vitet 1997-2003, ka patur demtime te medha nga zjarri , shkulje te drureve nga erërat ,e prerjet pa leje ne pyllin qe e rrethon duke cenuar rende vlerat si monument natyror.